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Ali Gem - Beni Sal (Music Video)


This is the music video for Ali Gem's debut single and its shot around Industrial Site in Maslak, Istanbul.

I worked alone in this project. Created the concept, used the camera, edited the collected footage and made it ready for the viewer. 


Beni Sal FINAL2_00143.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_01261.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_01287.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_01330.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_01792.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_02613.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_02824.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_03653.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_03805.jpg
Beni Sal FINAL2_04132.jpg
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