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PONZA - Gold & Round (Music Video)


For the music video of "Gold & Round" we have collaborated with director Yigit Evgar to create a imagenary world with the reference of b-type / fantastic movies. I have created the storyline taking the lyrics as our basis and shaped the concept with Yigit.

The shootings were made at Sazak Village which was abondened in 1920's. Strong winds crushed and shaped the man made structures and created a trippy sight which was the place we were dreaming at production design. 

The story takes place at an imaginary kingdom. The foolish king doesn't understand the enlightening power of the mysterious golden object ascending from heavens and starts a war with his people. The rest is history in different forms.

I was the co-director and post production / compositing artist in this project and mainly used the beloved plug-in called "Saber" from Video Co-Pilot for the special powers of the villagers.

PS: That shaman bird is me. 

Director: Yiğit Evgar

Story: Güneş Akyürek

Co-Director: Güneş Akyürek

DOP: Yiğit Evgar

Compositing: Güneş Akyürek

Color: Elif Tekneci

1st Camera Assistant: İbrahim Türkday

2nd Camera Assistant: Muhammet Kutgi

Costume: Tuba Geçgel

Costume Assistants: Gizem Asar, Cansu Sakız, Edze Ali

Set Manager: Ali Yazıcı

Set Photographer: Edze Ali



Emir Emirgil, Evren Akyürek, Gizem Asar, Muhammet Kutgi, Gözde Kuru, Seyyid Can Topuz, Dilan Şahin, Arda Alin, Sedat Özer Akay, Hakan Çağdaş, Güneş Akyürek


Mix: Salih Topuz

Mastering: Çağan Tunalı


PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_02662.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_02520.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_02314.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_02768.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_03195.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_03830.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_03925.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_04032.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_04202.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_04633.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_04869.jpg
PONZA_Gold & Round_Final_05306.jpg
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